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Jack Kerouac reads American Haikus

Jack Kerouac
 Some Western Haiku 

Book of Haiku

Arms folded
to the moon, 
Among the cows. 

Birds singing
in the dark
- Rainy dawn. 

Elephants munching
on grass – loving
Head side by side. 

Missing a kick
at the icebox door
It closed anyway. 

This July evening,
a large frog
On my door sill. 

Catfish fighting for his life,
and winning,
Splashing us all. 

Evening coming
-the office girl
Unloosing her scarf. 

The low yellow
moon above the
Quiet lamplit house 

Shall I say no?
- fly rubbing
its back legs 

Unencouraging sign
- the fish store
Is closed. 

Nodding against
  the wall, the flowers

Straining at the padlock,
the garage doors 
At noon 

The taste
of rain
- Why kneel? 

The moon,
the falling star
- Look elsewhere 

The rain has filled
  the birdbath
Again, almost

And the quiet cat
sitting by the post

Perceives the moon 

Useless, useless,

the heavy rain

Driving into the sea. 

Juju beads on the

Zen manual:  

My knees are cold. 

Those birds sitting
out there on the fence –
They're all going to die. 

The bottoms of my shoes
are wet 

from walking in the rain 

In my medicine cabinet,
the winter fly
has died of old age.

November - how nasal
the drunken
Conductor's call 

The moon had
a cat's mustache
For a second  

A big fat flake
of snow
Falling all alone 

The summer chair
rocking by itself
In the blizzard

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