sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2017

talking cat

I was looking for you, I seek to be, but on a slippery path the path is easy to disappear and I stayed in the real world looking for you. I looked for you and found this - the jump over the abyss. The plunge into the most sublime layers with questions I did not know. The dark environment of the soul that nobody wants to be. I met the man who let me shape my spirit, master my carnal passions and my soul. I became an animal. A "being" in me, subjugated by myself. Punishing myself without knowing. Without knowing why, without knowing when to stop, without hope, every day less, to find you. Feeling not wanting to feel. Remembering without wanting to remember. I went to look for you in the yard and I was scared - I found myself alone, free and distant from everything. No sound in my ears, no risk in the sky, no signal. The days are long, but you appeared. I'm going to raise rabbits. The first Alpha male will be called Vitor & Léo. Walk with the dog, although I do not have one. Give food to the cat. Water the plants. They take time to grow. Meanwhile - I wake up, I live, I see the moon, I ask for light, I am enlightened. That I am Nothing, part of the Whole. So I sleep, I wake up and I live again. Another day, different.


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