quinta-feira, junho 12, 2014

Greg on the World Cup

On the eve of this rather controversial World Cup, some thoughts:

-Brazil has a lot to resolve internally before attempting to "show the world" anything, beginning with hopelessly corrupt politicians and corporate flunkies across the entire political spectrum, left to right, all stuffing their pockets while the getting's good.

-Rooting for Brazil in each World Cup is a given in my own family, for several generations now. Usually there's a balanced spread of talent on their squads, but this year all I hear about is Neymar, Neymar, Neymar, as if just one man can win a World Cup and maintain/restore his (host) nation's dignity. Therefore, I have a few doubts there.

-Regardless of one's personal views or politics, it is undeniable that the poor in Brazil, who suffer enough as it is, are withstanding the worst of this undertaking, in many cases having entire communities decimated for multi-million-dollar new stadiums in places that have no local teams. This bothers me IMMENSELY.

-I am being asked every single day about tips, advice, connections, recommendations, etc. However, seriously, even seasoned Brazilophiles and frequent travelers there have few references for the sheer insanity and magnitude of THIS many gringos all showing up at once, not even during Carnival. Keep eyes behind your heads at all times, your presence in such numbers is a rare excellent opportunity for starving hustlers. 

-As expected, there is a lot of exploitation and profiteering from the types who usually find my Brazil love interesting but somewhat left field, who all now want to cash in. I am observing all this from the sidelines, because I cared about Brazil before all this and will continue to when it is all over, whatever the outcome, and while I would not turn down a fat paycheck to participate in some event that capitalizes on the fact of the World Cup. not being enlisted for one, here or in Brazil itself does not bother me in the least. Make no mistake, there's a GREAT DEAL of money flying around this thing, and I'd be a fool to say no to some of it in my own pocket, but I can't help but feel solidarity with those Brazilians who are disenfranchised and left out of the festivities, and who need that money much more desperately. After all, I had a hot meal as recently as this morning. They should be so lucky.

-So, play ball, may the best nation win, but remember...this kid in the drawing... he is real.

De pais haitianos, por causa de seu pai, aficionado no assunto, tornou-se um dos mais importantes especialistas na MPB fora do Brasil, hoje ele nos deu a honra de publicarmos algumas palavras que escreveu sobre o campeonato mundial de futebol.              

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